Exquisite Naturally Dyed Batik

Beautiful, high quality batik pieces. Handcrafted with passion by local artisans in Muntigunung.
We also accept custom orders with your own design and label. Contact our sales team to discuss your idea.



Our Production

We take great care in selecting the finest natural raw materials to create each unique piece of batik. A high-quality piece of Batik is characterized not only by its design and the art of applying the wax but also the quality of coloring. For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on the development of beautiful and colorfast natural dyes.

After sketching the pattern onto the fabric, melted wax is manually applied with a canting. This process requires a steady hand and fine skills with each scarf taking up to 6 days to complete. Once the wax is applied, the fabric is gently dyed in natural dyes such as Indigo, Jalawe or Mahagoni. Interesting fact: Indigo only develops its color after being exposed to the air.

Our batik production was initiated in 2016 by training community members in the traditional Indonesian art of “Batik Tulis” (hand drawn batik). Our goal is not only to produce beautiful pieces of batik, but to create employment opportunities within the community and help parents be role models to their growing children by earning a dignified income rather than begging. Our social enterprise is part of Muntigunung’s holistic development program.

With the purchase of each handcrafted batik piece you are making a valuable contribution to sustainably improve the livelihoods of families in Muntigunung.