Muntigunung Batik evolved from a capacity building project initiated in 2016. Over a period of more than two years, a group of 15 community members of the hamlet of Pendem Kaja, Muntigunung, has been trained in the traditional art of hand­crafted Batik.

A high-quality piece of Batik is charac­terized not only by its design and the quality of applying the wax but also the quality of colouring. For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on the development of beautiful and colourfast natural dyes.

Care Instructions

When you take good care of your Batik product, it will become a lifelong friend.

It is normal that the first few times it is colour bleeding when you wash it.

  • Handwash separately at low temperature
  • Use mild detergents, no bleach
  • Don’t dry it in the bright sun
  • No dry cleaning
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