Relax and unwind in a handcrafted Muntigunung hammock.

Muntigunung Hammocks are high quality Latin American style hammocks produced by formerly begging women in the Muntigunung area.

Our collection consists of 4 types of hammocks, including a chair hammock and a baby hammock. We also offer customized hammocks with lettering upon request.

By purchasing one of our beautifully handcrafted hammocks you are making a valuable contribution to sustainably improve the livelihoods of the Muntigunung Community.

Our Production

The hammock production had it’s early beginnings in 2012 when we invited a professional hammock maker from El Slavador to train our team in his craft.

Our production center makes use of the space under the large roof of one of our communal water tanks, which is part of the water scarcity solution project in Muntigunung.

From the body of the hammock to the carved spreader, all  the different parts of the hammocks are lovingly handcrafted by our highly skilled women and men and can take up to 14 days to complete.

Most of our team members are mothers of young children or elderly women who are former beggars. Our goal is not only to create high quality products and  employment opportunities for them, but to cultivate a positive mentality. Our group of mothers are role models to their growing children by earning a dignified income rather than begging.

You will feel amazing as you happily swing in your hammock, because not only are you the owner of a beautiful hammock, with your purchase you are empowering the families of Muntigunung and providing them with a brighter, sustainable future.