Bags & Pouches

The Muntigunung bag collection includes beach bags, tote bags, shopping bags, and pouches. Apart from our own collection of bags, our small team of trained seamstresses specializes in sewing customized accessories for your business with your selected fabric and design.  Additionally, we also offer customized embroidery or printing.

Beach Bag

Handcrafted ethnic, functional beach bag to carry all your needs


Materials: Endek,Batik,Colored Blacu 

Size: ~ 36 x 21 x 33 cm

Hand Bag

Handcrafted handbag to compliment your appearance on all occasions. 


Materials: Endek, Batik, Colored Blacu 

Size: ~ 26 x 11 x 21 cm

Shopping Bag

Handcrafted shopping bag. Can be folded to store and filled with your groceries.


Materials: Endek, Batik, Colored Blacu 

Size: ~ 43 x 9 x 39 cm


Handcrafted pouch to store your cosmetics and small belongings. 


Materials: Endek, Batik, Colored Blacu 

Size: ~ 28 x 8 x 14 cm

Custom Orders

For fabric selection and customized orders contact

Mobile Phone: 081 805 620 157 /081 353 996 996

Email: mcshe.bali@gmail.com

Our skilled seamstresses have been hard at work since 2012 and are part of the Mutigunung Community Social Handicraft Enterprise. Most of our team members are mothers of young children who are former beggars. Our goal is not only to create employment opportunities for them within their community, but to help them be role models to their growing children by earning a dignified income rather than begging.

With the purchase of each bag you are making a valuable contribution to sustainably improve the livelihoods of families in Muntigunung.